A different view on Charter schools…

Sunday’s New York Times Magazine featured a cover story called “Teachers’ Unions’ Last Stand.”  Well…that’s a rather sensationalist headline for an article that actually focuses more on President Obama’s “Race to the Top” competition for federal education funding and on the unexpected success of Charter schools.  For those who have read earlier posts here, including those referring to Diane Ravitch’s new book that lacerates Charter schools and “No Child Left Behind,” the NY Times article provides a view that is diametrically opposed.  The union-related points made in the piece mostly examine the United Federation of Teachers in New York State as an organization that is opposing reform.  It does point out that in some other states, teachers unions are accepting the principal reform issue of tenure–though, usually, with great reluctance.  Most interestingly is the article’s revelation that it is the President and the Democratic Party that are championing the kinds of reforms that were previously considered the purview of the Republican Party.  Regardless of where you stand on these issues, you will find it valuable to read this piece and contrast it with the views of Diane Ravitch in mulling it all over again.


About artsoceducation

Pat Wayne is Director of Programs and Education for Arts Orange County, the county-wide arts council. She is also a parent in the Saddleback School District and past PTA President. The arts transformed her life in the second grade and she went on to major in theater design and earn a Master's in Arts Administration.
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