ArtsOC leading the way in arts ed advocacy

The ArtsOC March 2010 newsletter outlines some of the work we are doing to promote arts education in the public schools and to help build the local creative workforce.

Pictured here are attendees at a meeting of the Huntington Beach Arts Education Alliance, including The Boeing Company’s Community Investory Sarah Murr (far right) and Kate Hoffman, Director of the Huntington Beach Art Center (second from right).


About artsoceducation

Pat Wayne is Director of Programs and Education for Arts Orange County, the county-wide arts council. She is also a parent in the Saddleback School District and past PTA President. The arts transformed her life in the second grade and she went on to major in theater design and earn a Master's in Arts Administration.
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2 Responses to ArtsOC leading the way in arts ed advocacy

  1. Thomas Nielsen says:

    Could you present the details fo the school districts and schools in OC/

    Would be happy to assist in assembling the data concerning Arts in the Schools throughout OC.

    • Pat Wayne says:

      Hi Tom,

      We are pulling the details together for the Dan Pink event. 15 districts now have arts plans but not all of them are active. Arts OC is working with OCDE to assist each district with the tools and resources to get a plan and move on it.

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